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Q: Can officers stop a person based on flyers?
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Can a cop stop another cop?

If a cop is breaking the law in any way, he can be arrested as if he's any other person. Police officers are not above the law.

Where should a vet apply for a VA loan to buy a house?

At all VA centers there are loan officers, call and set up an appointment or just stop in and speak with that person.

What do Japan police officers do as their job?

Stop and question foreigners for no reason

How does police officers help the community?

they help by arresting criminals and stop robberies

How much do gang unit officers get paid?

Gang unit officers are police officers who specialize in tracking and working to stop gang activity. The average salary in the United States for a police officer is 52,000 dollars.

Are police officers allowed to hide behind a church and patrol a stop sign?


Enforcement officers?

Government agents who had to stop the transport and sale of alcohol under prohibition

What do peace officers on the waterways of California have the authority to do?

Stop and inspect vessels for safety violations

Do Stop and frisk requires one factual basis?

Yes, stop and frisk requires reasonable suspicion that a person has been, is, or is about to be engaged in criminal activity. This must be based on specific and articulable facts.

How do you advertise your vlog?

A simple way to advertise your vlog would be to put up flyers on the poles of stop signs and street lights. The flyers would just have your website in big print, so it's easy enough to read, and so readers would have to go to your website to find out what it is.

What you will do to stop a person being injured?

How we can stop a person being injured

Is it important to respect police officers?

Yes, it's really important to respect police officers Why? Because they protect us and the stop bad guys for us that's why we need to respect police officers.