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I would say no. I say no because usually Division 1 girls are tall (I've seen a team on an airplane and they are big) and have a more refined game than the average high school boy's team.

Although to be fair, a good high school boy's team could beat a Division 1 girl's team. Teams from big cities or private Catholic schools can recruit and most of them go on to play college ball anyways. These teams include Detroit Country Day, Montrose Christian, St. Benedict's... etc.

There are a few "high school" teams that in my opinion are not high school teams at all. There is a school called Findlay Prep that recruits players from all over the world and have them live in million dollar condos and attend a private school for a few hours a day. Then they practice and do whatever they want. All expenses paid for. They finished their season 33-0 (they have gone 71-1 over the last two years) and won the ESPN National High School Tournament. This is not a high school team, but a high school professional team.

I'm a high school boy and my Basketball team played college girls once, and they wiped up the court with us. They were faster, taller and anything we did, they could do better. By the end they were just teasing us by not letting us touch the ball, it was more like keep-away than basketball. Grrr. I'd really warn high school boys not to try this, as it was the most frustrating game ever and it really ruined our confidence.

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Q: Can an average High School Boys Basketball Beat Division 1 College Girls?
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