Can a woman play in the NHL?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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There is no rule to prevent it. One woman, G Manon Rheaume of Canada was invited to the Tampa Bay Lighning's training camp in 1992 and 1993 and played in an exhibition game each of those years. She also played in regular season games in the IHL and ECHL from 1992 to 1994, besides having a distinguished career with the Canadian Women's National Team.

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Women are allowed in the NBA. However, women are just not physically capable of playing with people as fast and strong as Derrick Rose, as big and tough as Shaquille O'Neal, and as tall and lanky as Yao Ming. Women can be drafted, but are not because they cannot play with the men at a competitive level at all.

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No..... Women are not allowed to play in the NBA.

There is another league called the WNBA, which is a league with all women

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Q: Can a woman play in the NHL?
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Who was the first woman to play in NHL?

Manon Rheaume

Why are girls not allowed in the NHL?

They are aloud to play in the NHL. One girl did play as goalie. So girls can play in the NHL but the have to be really good.

How many women have played in NHL hockey?

There has officially been one woman to play in the NHL. A French Canadian by the Name of Manon Rheaume. She was signed in 1992 by Tampa Bay and played an exhibition game for them that year.

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What is the road to the NHL?

The road to the nhl is to play AA hockey until high school, become an accountant and from there play college hockey to go to the AHL and from there to the NHL.

Where did the NHL start?

The NHL started to play on December 19, 1917.

Can you be an equipment manager for mens NHL and be a woman and how do you get experience for that?

No, since the NHL is only meant for men they haven't yet let a woman into it and the only place i think you can get the experience is being a water <<girl>> for a team sport. However if your a girl that is looking into this i suggest that you fight for the right of woman and you never know you may become the first woman to take part in the NHL i really hope you make it though. Because, i play hockey and the goalie on my team has the dream of becoming a goalie in the NHL and even though it's for men that's not stopping her and I've also encouraged her to try too!

Can you play NHL 07 on PS2?

Yes NHL 07 is a PS2 game

How many teams play in the ice hockey NHL?

There are 30 clubs in the NHL.

Why is there no woman in the NHL?

there are no women because its a men's league

How many novice kids became NHL players?

Only 1% of the kids who play hockey will ever play in the NHL.

What actors and actresses appeared in NHL 97 - 1996?

The cast of NHL 97 - 1996 includes: Jim Hughson as Play by Play