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Q: Can a school sponsor one NCAA Division 1 sport?
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What division 1 colleges have softball?

Here is the NCAA link to Div I Colleges that sponsor Women's Softball.

Can a college have both Division I and Division II sports teams?

Typically, no. However, some NCAA sports are not sponsored at all levels. For instance, Ice Hockey is sponsored by the NCAA as a Division I sport and a Division III sport, but there is no NCAA Division II Ice Hockey. Division II institutions that sponsor Ice Hockey can "play up" in a sport not sponsored in their division. Examples include Michigan Tech, Northern Michigan, and Lake Superior State, all of which are members of the NCAA Division II. They all sponsor NCAA Division I Ice Hockey teams. Previously, Division II programs could play Division III Ice Hockey (such as Mercyhurst College in PA). That is no longer allowed (although Division II programs that were already in Division III Ice Hockey were allowed to stay and were not forced to move to Division I). In other sports, such as football or basketball, which are supported at all levels, the school must have all of their sports programs in the same division.

How many divisions are in the NCAA?

There are three divisions, Division I, Division II and Division III. Not all divisions sponsor all sports. For instance, ice hockey is not sponsored by the NCAA in Division II. Member institutions at the Division II level who sponsor the sport participate at the Division I or Division III level. Division I is also subdivided in the sport of football. Previously known as Division I-A and Division I-AA, the subdivisions are now referred to the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and Football Championship Subdivision (FCS, respectively. The two major differences between the subdivisions are scholarship levels (FBS allows a total of 85 players to receive any level of scholarship while the FCS allows 63 full scholarship equivalents that may be divided between more than 63 players) and championship sponsorship. In the FBS, the NCAA does not sponsor a championship. For instance, Florida State won the "national championship" following the 2013 season, but Florida State is not "NCAA champions" in football. In the FCS, the NCAA sponsors a tournament to determine the national champion. Following the 2013 season, North Dakota State won the tournament and can claim both the title of "national champion" and "NCAA champion."

Is ucla a ncaa division 1 school?

Yes, UCLA is an NCAA division 1 school. It is in the Pac 10. It consists of teams such as USC and Washington State.

Is Seton hall a NCAA division 1 school?


Kentucky won their championship in 1978 for what sport?

NCAA Division 1 Mens Basketball championship

Is Harvard a NCAA Division 1 school?

yes they are Division I non scholarship in all sports.

Is Kennesaw State University a Division 1 school?

Yes, Kennesaw State University became a NCAA Division I school in 2009.

How old can a NCAA Division 1 athlete be?

As long as they go to the school

Is umass a NCAA division school?

The University of Massachusetts Minutemen compete in NCAA Division 1. Their football team will begin playing in the Football Bowl Subdivision in 2012.

When is division 2 football signing day for 2013?

The date does not change based on division for any NCAA sport. The NCAA "National Letter of Intent Day" for football (Divisions 1, 2, and 3) is February 6, 2013.

NCAA division 1 mascot and the school colors?

Red Raiders And there mascot is The Raider