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Q: Can a referee disqualify a goal scored when realises later the coach of the team scoring the goal was in the playing field?
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What is role scoring and script scoring?

Role scoring is when the critics score the role the actor is playing. Script scoring is scoring on the entire script.

What are the names of 2 officials in table tennis?

They are the referee and the umpire. A referee (or assistant referee) decides the application of the game rules, while an umpire (or assistant umpire) rules on the play or scoring in a game, including decisions on points scored.

How many referees are there in wrestling?

In a tournament, there are five referees. There are four flag referees and one main referee. The flag referees raise the flag with the color of the opponent scoring a point. The final decision is made by the main referee.

What strategies scoring in arnis?

what are the strategies used in playing arnis

Why are arsenal losing now?

Because the teams they are playing are scoring more goals than them.

What is it called when protecting the basketball from the other team of scoring?

It's called playing defense.

How do you win the game of baseball?

Scoring more runs than the other team you are playing against.

Who was 4th in scoring in the 1991-92 NBA season playing for the Portland Trail Blazers?

Clyde Drexler

How are scores in soccer recorded?

The referee keeps a record of the score, as do other officials. There is also a scoreboard at most venues. As scoring in soccer is low, it is not difficult to keep scores recorded accurately compared to other sports.

What happens if you lose a boxing match?

the referee would wait to see who gets up first out of the two and if none of them managed to get up he would look at who scored more points in the fight and if the points happen to be equal of most judges scoring it a draw then the referee would call it a draw

Who was 2nd in scoring 30.7 ppg in the 1987-88 NBA season playing for the Atlanta Hawks?

Dominique Wilkins

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