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Q: Can a basketball needle fit on the air hose at a gas station?
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What do you fill a basketball with?

A basketball is typically filled with air to achieve the proper level of inflation for optimal bouncing and handling during play. Some basketballs may also contain a small amount of liquid for weight distribution and balance.

How do you pump up a basketball?

you need a balloon and a needle like a pump needle or a cooking needle. blow the balloon up to the max and use a paperclip to keep the air in the balloon. then cut off the tip of the balloon. afterwards use it to keep the needle in the balloon then put the needle in the ball take the clip off and wait. it might not inflate it all the way up but it will do some good until you get a real pump.

What TV station will air duke basketball games?

NY: 35 idk about other states though.

How do you blow up a basketball with no needle?

You can try using a straw to inflate the basketball by inserting it into the air valve and blowing air through the straw. Another option is to attach the air valve of the basketball to a hair dryer on cool setting to inflate it. Be cautious not to overinflate the basketball to prevent damage.

What does the air in a basketball do?

The air in a basketball lets the basketball bounce.

Will air pressure drop if a bigger air hose distributed to smaller air hose?

No. At the junction of the small hose to the pressure is great

Where is the air conditioner orifice on a 2002 camaro?

Where the high pressure hose connects to the evaporator, You need to unscrew the fitting and with a needle nose pliers reach into the evaporator tube and pull it straight out

How do you get a broken air pump needle out of a basketball?

We used chewed up, almost dried bubble gum to get it out when it happened to us. Good Luck! If the needle is still in the valve, let the air all bleed out and push it through once the ball is flat enough. If the needle has fallen through and is rattling around inside, you'll wreck the ball trying to get it out. Play on--it won't hurt a thing.

Can a HIV virus survive on a needle in air?

For a short period of time, HIV does survive on a needle in air.

Where can I buy a good sturdy air hose?

An air hose can be found at any Home Improvement stores. Also you can find them online on websites like Amazon. There is also a type of air hose that can be found at Factory Air Hose.

Is the hiv virus remains present on needle in the air?

For a short period of time, HIV does survive on a needle in air.

How much does an air hose reel cost?

Air hose reels are fairly inexpensive. They can be found online for as low as $15. A higher end air hose reel can cost up to around $100. The price will vary by the diameter of the hose and the psi of the hose.