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It depends on what kind of team you want to play on. Some colleges offer "club" teams which most students can join with little experience. Collegiate teams usually require trying out and are very competitive depending on whether or not they are Division I or II school.

It would be best to contact the athletic department of the college you want to attend and ask these questions of the coaching staff.

If you are serious about joining a college team, I would suggest attending a local club's camp or see if the local universities offer any camps either.

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Of course ! Anyone can play ! But the thing is , you have to make the team . i suggest going to a summer volleyball camp clinic and conditioning session . Volleyball is something that comes naturally to some people and takes years for others so it would be best if you practiced ALOT before try outs because the other people there will mostly know what they are doing and have been playing for years .

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a junior can be on the jv volleyball team. You can't when you're a senior

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Q: Can I join a high school jv team for volleyball if I'm a junior with no experience?
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