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Mikko Koskinen

Mark Wotton

Jesse Joensuu

Robin Figren

Justin DiBenedetto

Tyler Haskins

Jake Gannon

Mark Flood

Victor Bartley

Sean Bentivoglio

Tomas Marcinko

Jeremy Reich

Micheal Haley

Greg Mauldin

Anton Klementyev

Trevor Smith

Brett Motherwell

Mike Radja

Jon Gleed

Matt Martin

Brendan Witt

Scott Munroe

Joel Rechlicz

Nathan Lawson

Pascal Morency

Mark Katic

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Q: Bridgeport Sound Tigers' current roster
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When was Bridgeport Sound Tigers created?

Bridgeport Sound Tigers was created in 2001.

What is the ny rangers farm team?

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers are the farm team to the New York Islanders. The arena is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

When were the Bridgeport sound tigers in the Calder Cup finals?

The Sound Tigers reached the Calder Cup final in their very first season, 2001/02 where they lost to the Chicago Wolves 4 games to 1. This has been the only time they have gone to the final.

What industry is Chris Madden involved in?

Chris Madden is a retired Ice Hockey goalie. He played for the Hamilton Bulldogs, Milwaukee Admirals, Toronto Roadrunners, Providence Bruins, and Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

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What types of landforms are near bridgeport ct?

Near Bridgeport, CT you can find Long Island Sound, beaches, coastal wetlands, and rivers. Additionally, there are rolling hills, forests, and some small mountains further inland.

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What is the population of Bridgeport Connecticut?

Bridgeport, Connecticut, is located on the southwest coast of the state of Connecticut on Long Island Sound. It is the county seat of Fairfield County and is part of the New York Metropolitan Area, enjoying direct commuter train service to Manhattan.

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What is Connecticut's most popular sport?

WNBA- Connecticut Sun AHL- Hartford Wolf Pack and Bridgeport SOund Tigers Independent Leauge Professional Baseball - Bridgeport Bluefish Minor League Baseball- New Britain Rock Cats (AA, Twins), Connecticut Tigers (A, Tigers) There also used to be NHL's Hartford Whalers, the Bristol Red Sox (now the New Britain Rock Cats), the New Haven Ravens, and the Connecticut Defenders (formerly the Norwich Navigators, as of the 2010 season they will be the Richmond Flying Squirrels, based in Richmond, Virginia)

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