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No, I've been told that it's always been 5

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For conference seasons 1990 - 1992.

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Q: Big east basketball was there ever 6 foul in a game?
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How many fouls can a player make in big east basketball before fouling out?

4. On your 5th foul in college basketball you have fouled out of the game.

When a player gets a foul in basketball does that mean they did something wrong?

In Basketball, a foul, is a penalty for doing something against the rules of the game.

What is meant by a disqualifying foul in basketball?

A disqualifying foul is one that causes the player to be ejected from the game.

What is a dead ball foul in a basketball game?

over the back.

Why is the foul line 15 feet from the hoop in basketball?

That's just how the game was invented.

Is basketball a aggressive sport?

it is if you foul, you might want to watch a game and see for yourself

The first basketball game ever?

The first basketball game was in Springfield,Massachusetts in 1891.

How can 1 man score 50 points in a basketball game and not foul out?

Just because you score doesn't mean you foul. You can score 75 points and never commit a foul. It is unlikely but it can happen.

Can a basketball player return to a game wearing another players jersey?

No. It would instantly be a technical foul.

Who is the best basketball player ever in history?

Michael Jordan Was The Best To Ever Play The Game Of Basketball.

What is the best physics game ever?


When dealing with basketball what does hacking mean?

It is when you foul someone non-stop. You always foul out in a baskteball game. And you always push or lke slam someone, and foul them really badly.