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cleats arent fake they are ranked in how professional all they are : amateur $20-30 semi-pro $60-80 and pro $100-400

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Q: Are wholesale Nike football boots fake?
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Are the Nike shoes from China wholesale store real?

If the wholesale price of Nike shoes is significantly lower than the official suggested retail price, you should highly suspect that they may be fake. The cost and profit margin of genuine Nike shoes are limited. Buy high-quality shoes at WeeReplica.

Is Nike 2010 a fake site?

Nike 2010 is a real site. Though the website may seam dodgy the boots are actually genuine quality and are made of authentic materials.

What are ronaldos favorite boots?

His world cup boots silver and orange in shops the real one which he wears is £189 which I bought.Even if u buy the fake ones if u think u can improve at football buy his boots and up go like Cristiano ronaldo

How can you tell fake Nike pigeons from real Nike pigeons?

Fake ones don't have the pigeon patch.

What is the website to make your own football boots?

Bad idea, as a lot of technology and safety guidelines are used when Manufactuer's are designing and building boots. The cost of you making your own would be higher than just buying a pair of mainstream boots.

Do nike accidentally make fake shoes?

No, the Nike company does not accidentally make fake shoes. Every show that the company makes is a Nike branded shoe.

Is it real or fake fur on these boots?

Fake. Your parents wouldn't be able to afford a pair of mink boots.

How do you tell a real nike air force 1 to a fake?

Real air force 1's are $90 while a pair of fakes cost a wholesale price and if it comes in a box covered with paper.

Are Nike id shoes fake?

No they are legit custom mades by nike guy

Are Nicki Minaj's boots fake?

Yes her boobs are fake :)

How can you tell if Nike Foamposite 1 are fake?

no carbon fiber and checkered=FAKE

Where can you find fake nike elite socks?

fallas parades it is so fake