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Nope sorry

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Q: Are there any shirtless pics of Chi Bears QB Jay Cutler?
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What is Jay Cutler's number on the Chicago Bears?

Jay Cutler is a pro QB for the Chicago Bears(traded from Broncos), this was a result of a dispute between Jay Cutler and 09 coach Josh Mcdaniels. The whole feud started when Owner pat Bowlen fire Coach Mike Shanahan. The dispute was never resolved ending on Cutler parting ways as a whinny little girl.

What is the abbreviation for the Chicago Bears?


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18 street gang in chi town pictures?

Eighteen Street Gang started in Los Angeles, NOT in Chicago. Therefore I'm pretty sure there aren't any pics of them in the Chi.

How many times have the Bears beat the Packers at Lambeau Field?

The Chicago Bears have beaten the New England Patriots 4 times. Overall, the Patriots are 7-3 versus the Bears in regular season play, and are 0-1 versus the Bears in the playoffs (Super Bowl XX).Head to Head record of the New England Patriots vs the Chicago BearsOverall: 7 - 4Home: 4-0Away: 3-3Playoffs (Neutral Site): 0-1Patriots/Bears Game Log:10/21/73 @ Chicago; NE: 13 Chi: 1010/14/79 in New England; NE: 27 Chi: 712/05/82 @ Chicago; NE: 13 Chi: 2609/15/85 @ Chicago; NE: 7 Chi: 2001/26/86 Neutral Site; NE: 10 Chi: 46 Super Bowl XX10/30/88 in New England; NE: 30 Chi: 712/24/94 @ Chicago; NE: 13 Chi: 309/21/97 in New England; NE: 31 Chi: 311/12/00 @ Chicago; NE: 17 Chi: 2411/10/02 @ Chicago; NE: 33 Chi: 3011/26/06 in New England; NE: 17 Chi: 13

Who holds the NFL record for most touchdowns against a single team?

6 - Ernie Nevers, Chi. Cardinals vs. Chi. Bears, Nov. 28, 1929 (6-r) 6 - Dub Jones, Cleveland vs. Chi. Bears, Nov. 25, 1951 (4-r, 2-p) 6 - Gale Sayers, Chicago vs. San Francisco, Dec. 12, 1965 (4-r, 1-p, 1-ret) Note: Nevers also scored 4 extra points for an NFL record of 40 points in a game. 40 - Ernie Nevers, Chi. Cardinals vs. Chi. Bears, Nov. 28, 1929 (6-td, 4-pat)

What teams are in the NFL central division?

bears,lions, vikings,kc,green bay, and bucs

What is the record for the most rushing touchdowns in a game?

The record is 6 by Ernie Nevers, Chi. Cardinals vs. Chi. Bears, Nov. 28, 1929

What were the names of the Chicago Bears players for 2008?

The team members of 2008 were led by Kyle Orton, quarterback.

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