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I'm talking about the ones from 2002. When they played the Vikings.

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Q: Are the saints ever going to wear their gold jerseys?
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What were the team colors for Super Bowl 44?

The New Orleans Saints wore their white jerseys with gold pants, and the Indianapolis Colts wore their Speed blue jerseys with white pants.

What will the saints be wearing for the Super Bowl 2010?

Since the game is being played in Miami which is the home of a AFC team the Saints will have to wear their road jerseys which are usually White. As far as pants they could wear the gold or the black. Hopefully they want change too much and stick with the gold pants. The gold pants have done good for us so far.

What are the best colors for jerseys?

Blue and Gold

What color jerseys did the Pittsburgh Steelers wear in Super Bowl XLIII?

The Steelers wore their white uniforms. The Arizona Cardinals were designated the home team for Super Bowl XLIII. They chose to wear their red uniforms. That forced the Steelers to wear their white jerseys.

When was Gold of the Seven Saints created?

Gold of the Seven Saints was created in 1961.

What is the secondary industry for gold?

it is when gold is packed and ready to be go to the shops or where ever its going to go

What is up with the Steelers ugly looking helmets this year?

The "gold" helmets are part of their throwback jerseys of old.. same reason why their home jerseys are black with gold numbers and letters instead of the normal white.

What shade of gold is used by the New Orleans Saints?

The shade of gold used by the New Orleans Saints is known as 'Old Gold'.

Why are Calgary hockey jerseys those colors?

The Flames are red and gold like fire.

What color is the Nashville Preditors jersey?

The Nashville Predators jerseys are gold, white, and navy.

What uniforms will the redskins wear on Thanksgiving game?

The Cowboys usually wear blue jerseys on Thanksgiving, if that is true the Redskins will wear the white jerseys with either burgundy or gold pants.

Can a visiting high school football team wear gold jerseys?

yes i would like to