Are silly bands sold in Malaysia?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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First Answer: Hi! Yes silly bandz are sold in Malaysia I brought some from borders a few days ago. You can get them in bookshops and toys r us. Hope you can get them.

Got them at littlepandashop, much cheaper than Borders (around rm5 /pack), much more choices and good quality 2. it is in KL.

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Q: Are silly bands sold in Malaysia?
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Where to get silly bands in Malaysia?

Time square

Where are mermaid silly bands sold?


How many silly bands are there in the world?

there are 537 million sold in the u.s and Canada

What do silly bands represent?

Silly bands are cute rubber bands that are shaped and never lose there shape. They have tons of silly bands around the world.

Where to buy SpongeBob silly bands?

you can buy spongebob silly bands at the cvs.

Who has 5963 silly bands?

i have 5963 silly bands and my mom paid for most.

Are wacky bandz and silly bandz the same?

Silly Bands are named Silly Bands because they aren't regular round rubber bands, they are all silly shaped, same with Wacky Bands. Which means, they are the same thing.

Why are Silly Bandz so popular these day?

Silly Bands are so popular these days, because kids and teens can buy silly bands and trade the silly bands they have for new ones.

Why do kids like silly bands?

like silly bands because the look cool and they can trade them and play and collect them that's why kids like silly bands:):)

Are silly bands really silly?

Not really. They are just rubber bands formed into shapes.

How much money does the 13 year old girl make from silly bandz?

my sister is 13 and she sold 50 silly bands for 100 dollors and 95 cents.hope this helps (:

Who is a collector of silly bands?

i have a cousin.she has like over 300 silly bands. she loves to collect them.i hope 1 day she will bet the world record for most silly bands in the i would say that my cousin is a collector of silly bands=)