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Q: Against what team did Tony Romo commit the infamous bobbled snap in the 2007 playoffs?
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Who did timothy mcveigh commit a crime against?

Against the American People.

What crime do you commit against your family?

Domestic Violence

Why do alcoholic smokers commit crimes against humanity?

they don't?

What acts did Hilter commit?

He committed crimes against humanity and acts of genocide.

If you help someone commit suicide should that be considered a crime?

It is against the law to attempt or aid someone commiting suicide

What acts did Adolf Hilter commit?

He committed crimes against humanity and acts of genocide.

What is The strongest argument against strict liability crimes is that?

People that commit these crimes are not blameworthy.

What crime does a citizen commit if that citizen levies war against the unties states?


What happens if someone commits trwason against the queen of England?

They can't, they commit treason against the British Government now and can be jailed for life.

What Chinese location did Japanese forces commit terrible atrocities against the civilian population?


Can You Commit The Unforgivable Sin?

A:The gospels say that only blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgiveable. Why this should be so is not stated, since blasphemy even against Jesus is said to be forgiveable. Nor does it say what constitutes blasphemy against the Holy Spirit or how it is possible to blaspheme against him. It sounds good to have an 'unpardonable sin' but it may actually be a sin that is not possible to commit.

What atrocities did the Christians commit against the pagans of Europe to convert them?

Hanging mostly, torture, drowning and burning.