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The percentage is 52 which concludes a .520 batting average.

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Q: A softball player had 13 hits in 25 times at bat. what percent of her times at bat resulted in hits?
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How many times can a player sit out during a softball game in a row?

A player can sit out at least 3 times during a softball game in a row.

What does fps stand for in softball?

First Pitch Strike percentage - or the percent of times their first pitch to a batter results in a strike.

What is Natural cycle softball?

The natural cycle in softball is when a player hits a single, double, triple and then a home run. In baseball this has only been accomplished 5 times.

What does R mean in softball stats?

"R" is for runs scored which means the number of times a player crosses home plate.

What is the expression of 3 times the circumference of the softball?

It is 3*S where S is the circumference of the softball.

What is the percent of hits if a baseball player hits 10 times out of the 39 times he's at bat?


What is the volume of an 12 softball?

If you want to find out do the length, times with, times height. Hope you find the answer. :)

What is softball facility?

A softball facility is an indoor facility that has a closed in field that is the same field as an actual field. You can practice or host games here. Often times, there are batting cahes inside of the softball facility.

What is a foulball consideredn in softball?

If you foul it off 2 times that equals 2 strikes but if you keep fouling it off after 2 balls you aren't out until the other player on another catches it

What is 70 percent times 50 percent times 30 percent times 10 percent?


How many times is a softball player at bat during one game?

There are a number of factors that can cause this number to vary. In a typical game a batter, in the top of the order, will average about 3 at bats per game.

How many times can you use the same player as a pinch runner in girls a.s.a. softball?

Unlimited as long as the pinch runner is designated the pinch runner for the pitching position only and is a sub that does not enter the game.