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Pretty sure that's illegal in the game of football to just come off the bench to do some tackling and not even play the game and it's possibly an ejection. Also, I don't think it's actually possible for any one player to tackle a whole team.

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Q: A player comes off the bench to tackle the other team?
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Is a player allowed to tackle when the other team has the soccer ball?


What can you NOT do in a game of rugby?

pass forward, stamp on a player, spear tackle a player, straight arm tackle a player, tackle a player off the ball, throw a punch or commit any other act of violence, swear at the referee or match official to name just a few things

What is a bench jockey in baseball?

A bench jockey is someone, a player or coach, in the dugout that is yelling not so nice things to a player/coach of the other team on the field or an umpire in order to upset or distract them.

What is tackle in space in football?

The phrase "tackling in space" refers to a player making a tackle on a ball-carrier in the open field, relatively far away from other traffic (other players).It's also often called "an open field tackle" meaning that the field is open for the ball-carrier, but the defender was able to tackle him anyway.

Why would a soccer player be given a yellow or red card?

usually for mouthing off to the ref, or unnecessary roughness or a dirty tackle or a late tackle or even stalling, or many other things

How many players are allowed to tackle the person with the ball on the opposite team in football?

There are no limits as on how many players are allowed to tackle the person with the ball. As many people as are needed may help to tackle the ballcarrier. The referee will blow the whistle when the ballcarrier is considered to be "down." After the whistle blows, no other player may get in on the tackle.

What does it mean to tackle in soccer?

The closest thing to a rugby or football tackle in soccer is a shoulder charge where shoulder to shoulder contact is made. By the rules hip bumps and using arms, hands, or elbows are not permitted though some of this goes on without being called. Also a referee may elect to not call a foul if the team that is the victim of a foul still has possession of the ball especially while executing an attack. The term "tackle" in soccer refers to kicking the ball that is in possession of an opposing player. That player may or may not fall as a result. A successful tackle dispossesses the oppent of the ball by making contact with the ball first. It is still termed a tackle if there is no contact with the opposing player's foot and if the opposing player does not fall. Contact with the opposing player which causes that player to fall is generally permitted if contact is made with the ball first and if the tackle is not from behind the opposing player.

How do you make yourself love collisions in tackle football?

By running the other player over , ignoring the pain and taking the fame.

What happens to momentum when a football players combine in a tackle?

The simple answer is run faster and don't slow down at the moment of tackling.The other answer is tackle low: it doesn't change the momentum, but it increases the effect of the tackle.

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