A brave and noble person

Updated: 10/23/2022
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A brave and noble person is a hero. The palindrome for what a brave and noble person does is "deed."

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Q: A brave and noble person
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Who was LesterBPearson?

Lester.B.Pearson was are best priminister in the whole elections that we had he was smart and brave he was the person who got the noble peace prize

How do you use a word with noble?

Our cause was fought for by many brave and noble men.

Is Selena Gomez brave and noble?


What is a sentence using th word noble?

Example sentence - She was a brave and noble woman.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word noble?

The knight was noble and brave to cross the troll's bridge.

What was perseus's personality?

brave and Noble for he went to kill medusa

What is name meaning of name kranthi?

brave and noble but heck if I know

What one word would you use to describe Rosa Parks?

noble brave smart couragues outstanding and respectful

What does a valour mean?

The word valiant means brave, spirited, bold, noble, or heroic.If someone is "valiant," it means they are brave and determined.

What kind of personality did perseus have?

Perseus was a strong. brave, noble young man.

Why you think Valentine was or was not brave?

I believe he was brave, cause a person that risk death to do what he believed was right , is called a brave person .

What is definition of Brave of brave during shakespeare times?

fine, noble or handsome. found in The Tempest, (the Pelican Shakespeare version) pg. 6