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Ben Hill Griffin Stadium has a seating capacity of 88,548 people.

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Q: What is the seating capacity of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?
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WHAT IS THE stadium name?

StadiumBen Hill Griffin Stadium is the name of UF's stadium

What are some examples of events that take place at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, originally built in 1930, is the stadium for the University of Florida. Popularly knows as "The Swamp" hosts events such as football, the Gator Growl, and musical concerts.

Are cameras allowed in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

Yes, most definitely.

What year did Florida Field's name change to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?


Where are the uf lacrosse games held?

Girls play at Donald R. Dizney Stadium and boys play Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

What is the latitude and longitude of the center of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

The latitude and longitude of the center of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, also known as "The Swamp," is approximately 29.6528° N, 82.3486° W.

What city are the Florida panthers in?

Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

How many laps around the inside ben Hill Griffin Stadium equals a mile?

I have heard it's about 3 laps but i can't confirm that. Sure feels like it though.

How many people does church hill downs hold?

Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky has a seating capacity of approximately 51,000 people in its grandstand and clubhouse areas. However, additional standing room areas and temporary seating can increase the total capacity to accommodate more spectators during events like the Kentucky Derby.

When is Gator Growl held at the University of Florida?

Gator Growl is an American pep rally managed by students. It was founded in 1932 in the University of Florida and it is celebrated every year in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

What songs are played at ben hill griffin stadium?

i know they play welcome to the jungle i dont know this other one but they all start chanting o o ooo ooo oo o o idk what its called

Where is Kenan Stadium located?

Kenan Memorial Stadium is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.