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Drivers License, Student ID, State issued ID.

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Q: What are the accepted forms of id for alcohol at Yankee stadium?
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What product contains carboxylic acid?

reducing a carboxylic acid directly forms an aldehyde, but further reduction forms a primary alcohol reducing a ketone forms a secondary alcohol oxidation reverses these processes primary alcohol -> aldehyde -> carboxylic acid secondary alcohol -> ketone

When iodine is added to alcohol what type of reaction is it?

When iodine is dissolved in alcohol, it forms a mixture of iodine and alcohol, which is physical.

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oxidation of alcohol results in the formation of various carbonyl compounds, depending upon the structure of alcohol. For example, oxidation of secondary alcohol results in the formation of ketone, while that of primary alcohol forms aldehyde and further oxidation forms carboxylic acids.

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It is Fermentation.

The single oxidation of a tertiary alcohol forms?

no reaction.

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