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Q: Is block 19 row 7 good seats at ricoh arena coventry?
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What is the capacity of the ricoh arena in coventry?

32,609 Loads of sources have it listed as 32,000 or 32,500 but the actual number of seats in the stadium is 32,609.

How many does Highfield Road stadium seat?

Highfield Road Stadium had 23,489 seats. It closed and moved to Ricoh Arena. Highfield was demolished in 1995. A 32,000 seat area was being built in the Ricoh arena.

Is block 10 in the echo arena good seats?

no its rubbish this is my opinion

How many seats are in rogers arena?

to be exact18,910 seats are in Rogers Arena

What is the view like in the MEN arena block c row b seats 15 and 16?

amazing view!

How many seats are in the quicken loans arena?

20,562 seats are in Quicken Loans Arena.

How many seats are in the Joe Louis arena?

Approximately 20,000 seats are in the Joe Louis arena

Can you find row qq block 8 in Liverpool echo arena?

This is near the back in the corner, the seats only go up to TT.

What are the best seats at the nia Birmingham?

block 02 lower block 11 lower block A, B or C on ground floor BLOCKs 01 and 12 are the worst in the arena as the view is restricted and they are almost sort of behind the stage

Is block C row 23 good seats at motorpoint arena sheffield?

actually block C is standing area so you won't be able to sit down but it will be a good view because you're right at the front.

Which NBA arena seats the fewest fans?

Orlando Magic-Amway Arena 17,283

Is seats a plural or singular?

The possessive noun arena's seats is the singularform.The plural form is arenas' seats.