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As of right now nothing ... you'll have to wait for many years to see if it has any value. Now if you had a 1913 New York Highlanders opening day game ball, the ball will be worth much more ...

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Q: How much is a 2009 Yankee Stadium inaugural season baseball worth?
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What stadium has the most homers hit in 2009 season?

The new Yankee stadium

Is there a new Yankee Stadium?

Yes, it opened for the 2009 season.

How many people visited Yankee Stadium in 1923?

During the 1923 season, the year Yankee Stadium oped the Yankees drew 1,007,066 fans.

What was the opening day attendance for Yankee Stadium in 1923?

The attendance at Yankee Stadium on Opening Day of the baseball season was extremely high. Approximately 70,000 fans were there and another approximately 25,000 people were turned away. The date was April 18, 1923.

What major league baseball park holds the record for most home runs in a single season?

Probably the old Yankee Stadium,the stadium the Mets play in,or the San Fran Stadium because they had big sluggers.

How many times do the New York Yankees play in Yankee Stadium?

The New York Yankees play 81 regular season games in Yankee Stadium.

How many home runs were hit in Yankee Stadium in 2009?

There were 237 home runs hit at Yankee Stadium during the 2009 season. Which led the major leagues.

Did Babe Ruth play baseball at Yankee Stadium in 1929?

Yes. He played with the Yankees through 1934, then he was moved to the Boston Braves. He retired from baseball following the 1935 season.

When was the old Yankee Stadium renovated?

Yankees Stadium was renovated during the 1974, and 1975 season reopening in 1976.

How many hits did Lou Gehrig have at Yankee Stadium for his career?

Lou Gehrig had 1,269 hits at Yankee Stadium. But as of the end of the 2008 season, Derek Jeter had 1,274. Which is now a Yankee record that cannot be broken. The old stadium records will not be carried over to the new stadium in 2009.

Do the balls used in 2008 Yankee games have a code on them?

No, the baseballs for the final season at Yankee Stadium are not specially coded. BPL

Who was the team that Marianne Moore write about in Baseball and Writing?

The New York Yankees. She later threw the first pitch at Yankee Stadium to open the 1968 season.