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No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed at a pro football game.

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Q: Can you take your concealed weapon to a pro football game?
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Are asp batons considered a concealed weapon?

In general, yes. The term concealed weapon simply means any weapon that is (or can be) concealed. That said however, the specific definition of the term can vary from state to state, and laws regarding the requirements to carry a baton vary from state to state. Here in Tennessee, you can carry a baton if you take a training class and receive a certification card. It isn't actually a permit, just a certification that you have been trained to use it.

Is it illegal to carry a concealed pronged hammer in California?

Yes, it is illegal to carry a concealed pronged hammer in California as it can be considered a dangerous weapon. California law prohibits carrying concealed weapons that can be used to inflict harm or injury. It is important to check with local authorities or legal sources for specific regulations on weapon possession in your area.

Are cane swords illegal in NJ?

The laws on this question are vague, but technically it is legal. The police might not take it so softly because it is a concealed weapon, but it is legal.

How long until concealed weapon misdemeanor does not have to be put on an application?

It will ALWAYS appear on your record unless you (if you are eligible) take some action to have it expunged. Your criminal history is a permanent reecord.

Can you take a camera to Chelsea football game?


What is the better weapon a bow or a slingshot?

Bow is a better weapon! It will allow one to take big game as well as small. The sling shot is for smaller game: Rabbit & squirrel etc...

How long did it take to play to shortest football game?

1 hr

Does a concealed weapon permit for Pennsylvania allow you to carry a concealed weapon in Virginia?

In short: no. As a matter of fact, New Jersey is one of the most strict states in the US in terms of gun control. Off hand, only Washington DC has tighter gun control (not allowed to even OWN a gun in your own home). You'd be well advised to not carry a weapon into New Jersey. If caught, well, let's just say that they don't take too kindly to guns there.

How long is a football game with out any extra time?

It take 60 minutes

Can you take a knife to the mall?

This is depending on your state and local laws. Strictly speaking, carrying a knife that is longer than the tip of your finger to the palm of your hand (when opened) is considered a concealed weapon. Concealed weapons are prohibited in any public place, even If you have a weapons permit. Only persons authorized by law to carry such weapons into public places are Law Enforcement Officials.

Is it legal to carry concealed black powder in Nebraska without a permit?

No. Even though a black powder gun is not "a firearm" as defined by the Federal Gun Control Acts for sale and transfer, it is still a weapon and all ordnances governing the use of a firearm still apply. You can't fire it in city limits or in the direction of an occupied building. You still need a hunting license to take game with it and a permit to carry it concealed. You cannot carry it at all in certain places (churches, bars, schools, etc).

How do you get a concealed weapon permit form online?

It depends on where you are. In the U.S. in some states (and possibly most) you can't get one online. You have to go someone and personally fill it out, or take whatever steps are required in that state to get one.