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A sports man

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Q: Would a man wearing puttees to be a sports event or a doctor?
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Would a man wearing puttees be a sportsman or a doctor?

well i dont think its any. a puttee is a strip of cloth wound around the leg to form leggings; used by soldiers in World War I. if i had to pick one of your options, i would say doctor.

Would a man wearing put bees be a sports man or a doctor?

What are "put bees"?

Where would you where a puttee?

You would wear puttees on your legs.

Why pain after wearing underwire bra after MRI?

It shouldn't i would talk to your doctor about that

What is alaya the silurian in Doctor Who?

You've just said that she's a Silurian, but if you want to know what class she is then she is a Warrior. You can tell by what the Silurians are wearing to get the idea of what class they are. Alaya was wearing armour, Malokeh was wearing clothes a scientist would wear and Eldane is wearing what an elder wears.

What type of doctor do you see for a pulled hamstring?

For musculoskeletal problems, the type of doctor/physician to see would be an orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon. Probably a physician who specializes in sports medicine would be best.

Does wearing a bra at night increase your chances of having breast cancer?

I would ask my doctor. That would be the best thing to do. You can never get the wrong answer about health with doctors.

What do you have to do to be an NFL sports doctor?

To be an NFL sports doctor, you need to go to medical school and earn a medical degree . After that, you need to match into an orthopedics residency and do really well. It also probably would not hurt to have some contacts or some networking skills.

If a boy has asthma and a possible heart condition is it safe to play sports?

Organized sports will require a physical and signed statement of good health from a doctor. That would be the correct person to discuss this with. There are many variables and it takes a doctor to evaluate and provide an opinion.

What if you dont wear your splint for a broken thumb?

If your doctor ordered you to, then in general, one could at least say that it would not be good to stop wearing it. As too how bad, that depends on too many factors to say. Your doctor would know.

Would a doctor be able to tell you how to get a bigger butt?

Most likely; try a cosmetic surgeon. The specialists in the medical profession who can provide you an answer in this subject are a Cosmetic Surgeon, an Aesthetic Medicine specialized doctor or a Sports Medicine doctor.

What would a wee Scottish laddie definitely be wearing if he was wearing trews?

He would be wearing trousers.