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There is no fact to this matter, only opinions.

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Q: Women should legally be allowed to have abortions. Do you agree with this statement?
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Why should parents not be allowed to select the genter of their kids?

This is a controversial topic. Most would say parents should not be allowed to choose the gender of their child because it will lead to gender imbalance and abortions.

Should unlicensed drivers be allowed to drive a car?

Legally, no. They deserve punishment.

Why should we allow or discontinue abortions in the US?

abortions should be discontinued everywhere if they are by choice because its MURDER, that's right, MURDER!

Who argued that because slaves were legally considered property and were not allowed to vote they should not be counted?

northern states

Of the following who argued that because slaves were legally considered property and were not allowed to vote they should not be counted?

northern states A+!!

Should you report your employer for misusing 401k?

Yes you should, especially if they are using this money. the money is legally yours and therefore they are not allowed to use it as if it was theirs

What is the thesis statement in The Estrangement by Jamaica Kincaid?

i blieve the thesis of her essay is that Jews should not be allowed to play softball.

What is pro-life and why do they have this attitude?

Pro-life is a stance in the abortion debate that says women should not be legally allowed to receive abortions in any case. People with pro-life attitudes feel this way because they believe that even in the womb, an unborn child is still a human life, and therefore abortion constitutes as murder. The other side of the argument, of course, is that the unborn child is not a human life yet, and that abortions are acceptable. This position is pro-choice, defending the woman's (or couple's) right to choose whether an abortion is necessary.

Should illegal immigrants receive financial aid?

That will be up to each person. There are arguments for both. However, legally one isn't allowed to.

Does Obama think all hospitals should provide abortions?

No, but birth control.

How do mccain and Obama feel about abortions?

Many peeps say Obama if in support of abortions and McCain is against them. But as a matter of fact, neither of them support abortions, but, Obama thinks that they sould be legal. McCain thinks that an abortion should be illegal, and not the woman's choice.

What should a businesses financial statement contain?

it should contain statement of comprehesive statement, statement of financial position and statement of cashflows