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Wimbledon is host to the sport of tennis.

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Q: Wimbledom hosts what sport?
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What sport is played at Wimbledom?


Who was the first black person to play in the wimbledom tennis tournament?

Athea Gibson

What are the tennis court at wimbledom made from?

At wimbledon the players play on the grass surface.

Who won the mens wimbledom in 1983?

John McEnroe won in Wimbledon in 1983.

Why is Andy Murray famous and what has he done?

Andy Murray is famous for tennis and he has won wimbledom.

Where did golf's The Masters get its name?

The Masters Tournament is an invitation-only event that hosts the best players in the sport.

Did the Czech Republic ever host a major sport competition?

Yes, they were co-hosts of the 2009 Baseball World Cup.

Whom did mahesh bhupathi pair up with to lift the mixed doubles trophy at wimbledom for the second time?

Mary Pierce

Who won the wimbledom men's singles titles in the year 2014?

Novak Djokovicwon the Wimbledon men's singles title in the year 2014.

Other than tennis what sport is played at Wimbledon?

Wimbledon is the name of a tennis tournament; no other sport is played there. However, the location where Wimbledon takes place is the All England Club, which also hosts croquet.

AFC wimbledom how many league below football league?

They are currently 1st in the Blue Squre Preimier the league below league 2

What sport is practiced at the Snetterton Circuit?

The sport of motor racing is practiced at the Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit.The circuit, which is located in Norfolk, England, hosts the British Touring Car, GT, Formula Three and Superbike championships.

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