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The number 8 is associated with prosperity and confidence in Chinese culture.

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Q: Why was the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony on 08.08.08 at 8.08 pm?
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What day of the week 080808?

It was a Friday.

Is there any astrological significance of 080808?

Yes, those born today will be Leo's :-P

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What does 080808 signify for you its your birthday then?

Nothing more than if your birthday was on 01-01-01 or 02-02-02 or 03-03-03 or 04-04-04 or 05-05-05 or 06-06-06 or's happens regularly. This year 08-08-08 is the start of the Olympic Games in China....and your birthday. Happy Birthday!

Why did the Olympics start on the 080808 0808 PM?

Because the Chinese consider 8 to be a lucky number.

What is special about date 080808 in the year 2008?

it's special because it's a Friday :D

What is it called when the month day and year are the same As in 080808?

Interesting. It is called your Golden birthday. Enjoy!

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What is the theory behind 080808 as good luck?

I believe the questioner is asking about the recent date of August 8, 2008. Many Asian cultures - particularly the Chinese - regard the number 8 as particularly auspicious. Therefore, the date of 08/08/08 would be considered an excellent omen of luck because it contains the number 8 three times.. The Zeroes aren't really a factor.

Why is the date 080808 significant to Chinese people?

Chinese people like the number eight. It is pronounced 'ba' in Mandarin, which is the most commonly spoken language in China. The word 'prosperity' in Chinese is pronounced 'fa', making the number eight (ba) the number with the closest pronounciation to prosperity. That is the reason why the date 08/08/08 is significant to the Chinese people--it's triple prosperity therefore triple the amount of luck and success.

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