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Muhammad is the prophet of Islam.It is believed(specially by Muslims) that Allah created the world for him.he is Allah's favourite and most loved prophet of one lakh seventy thousand prophets of Islam.he is the last prophet on earth after Abraham 'moses,& Jesus. whatever he will say on the day of judgment would be accepted by Allah.

-your friend nida kazi

Muhammad (PBUH) has came with a noble message worship Allah and NT to associate any other one with him ..and to believe in All the previous messengers and prophets including Jesus Peace be upon him and Moses Peace be upon him and Sulaiman..and Joseph.....etc ....

He was the only known one eyed one horned flying purple people eater, beside George Bush, Elton John and Salman Rushdie

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Muhammad Ali was important because he was fighting boxing but he id get kick out for 3 years

but when 3 years later he was a boxing legend again

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Q: Why was Muhammad Ali important to history?
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