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Athletes should be paid less because of the fact that you have people in Iraq and Afghanistan, (by the for those civiallians, there are still soldiers in those places, I would know I am military) who are barely making enough to scrape by.

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no because athletes are doing their job and they are entertaining the fans.

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no because they play hard

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Q: Why should athletes get paid less?
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Should professional athletes get paid less?

No. People pay more for entertainment than anything else. Their salary is fine where it is.

Should college athletes be paid?

Yes, they should be paid because sooner or later they are going to the pros where they will get paid.

Should professional athletes get paid what they deserve?


Should athletes get paid for winning olympic medals?

Many people believe that athletes should in fact get paid for winning Olympic medals. This is because they trained very hard.

Should athletes players get paid for their skills?

Athletes should definitely get paid for their skills, and they do. Thousands of people come each year to watch them in person, and even more watch them on television.

Athletes are paid extremely large amounts of money Tiger Woods made 110 million in the past 12 months I was wondering if we paid our athletes less would tickets be cheaper?

Of course they would. Movies would be cheaper if you paid directors and stars less. Health care would be cheaper is you paid doctors less. Cars would be cheaper if you paid factory workers less. School would be cheaper is you paid teachers less. But if you pay these people less they are going to go to other fields where they can earn more, potentially lowering the quality of the product.

What should be done to improve sports?

To improve sports there could be an effort made to create a more even playing field for women athletes. Women tend to be paid much less than male athletes and improving pay would help to equalize the efforts made to recruit female athletes.

Why should college athletics get paid?

If you think about it, they do. Most college athletes are on full scholarships which is basically like getting paid.

Do ahlets get paid to much?

Yes, some people do believe that athletes get paid too much. In fact, there are some athletes that earn well over $100 million a year. While they should be paid for entertaining the masses and putting their health on the line, some athletes are simply not worth this amount of money.

Why should athletes need sleep?

Athletes need more sleep so they can be less tired when they need to perform.

What are athletes paid?

They are paid in the currency of the country they are playing in. Pay varies amongst different athletes.

What are jobs that should pay less?

professional athletes.....actors....politics