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That makes ball carriers harder to tackle and defensive players harder to block. The lower the center of gravity, the more stable the stance is and the tougher it is to be moved. The higher the center of gravity, the easier it is to be moved by a block or shove.

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Football players need balance, because when player has the ball the opponents try to take the ball away and footballer want balance. Balance is needed because they would take you down and you can slip out and keep your balance and you get a touchdown.

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Every athlete needs balance. Balance is an essential ingredient of co-ordination; without it, a footballer (soccer player) wouldn't be able to effectively guide the ball across the pitch without tripping over it; nor turn quickly enough to avoid the other team's defencemen; or even be able to take a shot at the goal should opportunity present itself, even in mid-stride.

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Q: Why is it often said to be desirable for football players to have a low center of gravity?
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