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Ice skating does not require any friction because the skater needs to glide on the ice and if there was any friction on ice the skater would have trouble to skate smoothly on the ice.

That is why ice skating does not require any friction at all from my perspective.

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In sports like skiing or Snowboarding friction slows you down. That is why you wax your board or skis.

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Q: Why is friction not as useful in some winter sports?
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List some low friction and not useful?

Ice on a flat surface - low friction but not useful for walking safely Greasy surfaces - low friction but not useful for handling objects securely Wet banana peel - low friction but not useful for maintaining balance

Describe 3 examples where low friction is not useful?

Friction is very useful but it has its own disadvantages. Friction causes wear and tear. Friction spoils the soles of our shoes. friction reduces speed This is all wrong some not useful types of friction are are when airplanes fly the friction causes heat that materials that will withstand which are costly.

What are some ways that friction is useful?

Friction can be useful for stopping cars when the brakes are put on, if you're running and need to stop quick, so basically to get grip. Also friction is good for fires and warmth.

What companies provide winter sports insurance?

"Some of the companies that provide winter sports insurace are TravelInsurance, Insureandgo, Wintersportsinsurance, and Gosimply. These companies provide protection if you are injured from skiing, snowboarding, or other winter sports."

Why do machines require some extra work that is not useful because of friction?

Friction converts mechanical energy into heat, which is rarely useful, and which can never be recovered in its entirety. Due to conservation of energy, this heat energy is not available for other things, i.e., for useful work.

When is friction useful when riding a bicycle?

At the contact between the rubber of the wheels and the road surface. At the contact between the wheel rim and the brake pads.

How is friction not useful in everyday life?

Friction can make it more difficult to move objects or equipment, slowing down tasks and causing wear and tear on surfaces. In some cases, excessive friction can lead to overheating or damage.

What are some chilean sports?

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What are the differences between useful and harmful friction?

Useful friction is beneficial because it allows us to walk, drive or grip objects. Harmful friction, on the other hand, can lead to wear and tear on surfaces, reduce efficiency, and cause overheating in machinery. Helpful friction can be controlled and optimized for various purposes, while harmful friction needs to be minimized to prevent damage.

Why is friction not useful?

Friction can be useful in many situations, such as helping us walk without slipping or providing traction for cars to drive safely. However, excessive friction can also be detrimental, for example causing wear and tear on machinery or vehicles. In some cases, reducing friction through lubrication or other methods can actually make processes more efficient.

How is low friction useful in your life?

Low friction is useful in my life because it allows me to move more freely and easily. For example, low friction on my bike chain helps me ride more efficiently, while low friction on my car tires helps me save fuel. Overall, reduced friction minimizes wear and tear on surfaces, making things last longer.

What sports are done at the Olympics?

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