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Cotton is a better fabric than nylon for sports and exercise because, being a natural fibre, it breathes, meaning your skin can also breathe and sweat can evaporate like it is supposed to. This is similarly the case for wool. On the other hand, nylon is a synthetic polymer and hence does not absorb moisture well thereby can leave you feeling hot and clammy at the best of times, let alone during exercise and rigorous activity.

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Cotton towels are more absorbent then most other towels that are on the market today. For that cotton grasps the moisture/water etc. and will not be completely soaked after one swipe. Where nylon towels are more thinner and can only dry off something so much before it is completely drenched and the item/person it is trying to dry off would still be wet.

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Q: Why is cotton a better fabric for sports clothes than nylon?
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