Why is Jose reina called pepe?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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His real name is José Manuel Reina Páez but he is more commonly known as Pepe Reina.

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Normally anyone in Spain called Jose will be given the nickname Pepe this is why Jose Reina is known by both names

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Q: Why is Jose reina called pepe?
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Who is the Liverpool goalkeeper?

the current goal keeper for Liverpool is Pepe Reina and 2 subs keepers

What current club is Pepe Reina plaing for?

Jose Pepe Reina is playing for Liverpool.

Who is Liverpool's number 25?

Jose Manuel Reina football name pepe reina

How old is Pepe Reina?

Spanish footballer Jose Manuel Reina Paez, aka Pepe Reina, is 35 years old (born August 31, 1982).

Who was the previous starting goalkeeper before Jose Pepe Reina?

Reina replaced Jerzy Dudek.

How old is Grecia Reina?

Grecia Reina was born February 25, 2007. She is the daughter of Jose "Pepe" Reina and Yolanda Ruiz.

What is Liverpool's goalies name in soccer?

Liverpool's main goalie is Jose "Pepe" Reina.

What team does reina play for?

Jose "Pepe" Reina currently plays for Liverpool FC in England. He is the 2nd vice captain for the club. Reina also is the goalie for International Spain.

What number is pepe reina?

Pepe Reina is number 25 for Liverpool FC.

What age is Pepe Reina?

Pepe Reina is 27. he was born in 1982 in Madrid

The goalkeeper before Jose Pepe Reina?

Jerzey Dudek!! Hand of God savior of the champions league 2005!!!

When is Pepe Reina's birthday?

José Manuel Reina Páez, aka Pepe Reina, was born August 31, 1982 in Madrid, Spain.