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Q: Why is George Best an important person in football?
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When was george best buried football player?

George Best was buried on December the 3rd man u football player

Who's the best football player?

Troy polomalu is the best i mean the best football player ever.

How old was George Best when he first played proffessional football?

george best was 15 when he played soccer by charlotte halling

What job did George Best have?

He was a professional football player (soccer)

Who had best goals per game in English football?

George Camsell

Did george best play for newry town football club?


Why is grey cup important?

The Grey Cup is important to fans and players of Canadian Football as winning it marks the best Canadian professional football team.

Who is the best college football player of all time at Ohio state?

Probably Eddie George

Which English football club did George Best join immediately after leaving school?

Manchester United

What is the surname of the person considered to be the 5th Beatle?

George BEST

Famous English football player 1983?

david becham is sed not to be the best english football player however he will and is the most famous

Who is the best player in Ohio High School Football history?

George "Puck" Burgwin. Steubenville Big Red