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Q: Why heavy truck reaches soon down from the slope and lighter did not do so?
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Why can a car easily go to uphill than a heavy loaded truck?

Because car is lighter and has less gravitational force to counter when moving up in comparison to a heavy loaded truck.

How do you park a fork lift truck on a incline?

Always park the truck with the forks facing down the slope. Because of the heavy counter-weights in the main body of the truck, there is a much greater chance of the truck tipping with the forks facing upward. Very important while operating on the slope.

How do you improve aerodynamics in a large truck?

you can slope the top of the roof, or slope the whole truck a bit more.

Would a lighter go faster than a truck?

A lighter, as in a cigarette lighter?

What is the best heavy duty truck to own?

Best Heavy Duty Truck is pick up truck. A pick up truck is usually light in weight but suitable for heavy duty work.

Would it be more difficult to stop a truck carrying a heavy load or to stop the same truck empty?

A truck that is more heavy with the same velocity whil the truck is less heavy it will have more momentum!!

A truck 3500kg if drive up a slope that is 0.5km at the top of the slope your 200m higher in elevation what is the force has your engine exerted to drove up the slope?


Which is easier to accelerate a car or truck why?

so this really depends on HP ( horse power) if a car has more horse power than a truck than it will accelerate faster and also cause cars are lighter than trucks. so you have power and less weight than a truck. so to answer your question it depends on the car and the truck. how much HP either one has and how heavy they are,

How heavy is a fire truck?

very very heavy

How heavy is a truck engine?


When was China National Heavy Duty Truck Group created?

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group was created in 1935.

Where can one purchase heavy duty truck parts?

One can purchase heavy duty truck parts from online truck part dealerships such as Part Deal, La Freight Liner, SelecTrucks, Truck Spring and Power Heavy Duty. These sites all sell parts for heavy duty trucks at fairly competitive prices.