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it was a gift from USC, ever since then, he has loved them dearly. It was a gift from the general at the USAF Academy and he wears it to support our men and woman in uniform.

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Q: Why does Lee Corso wear a B-2 Bomber lapel pin?
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What pin does Lee Corso wear?

It is a B2 bomber pin, and was given to Lee at the Air Force Academy. He wears it to show support for our military.

What is the birth name of Lee Corso?

Lee Corso's birth name is Leland Corso.

Where did Lee Corso get his B-2 bomber lapel pin?

I was able to find a seller on eBay named "semperfimac." I got one to give to my dad this Christmas, since he is an ex air force man and commented on it when we were watching a Florida game. It was like $8, and shipping was an additional $5, or something. Lee got the pin from the general at the USAF Academy.

When was Lee Corso born?

Lee Corso was born in 1935, in Lake Mary, Florida, USA.

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Where did lee corso coach?

Florida state Northern Illinois

What city was Lee Corso born in?

Lee Corso was born in Miami, Florida on August 7, 1935. He is most famous for sports broadcaster and football analyst for ESPN. He also did the commentary for computer games made by EA.

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