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because they smell

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Q: Why do they use 5 circles in the Olympics?
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How many circles are there in modern Olympics?

5 circles.

How many circles are there in the symbol representing modern Olympics?


Who designed the 5 circles for the Olympics?

It was used by the Ancient Greeks, instead of having medals, they would have the trophies in the shape of the rings in Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron

What you use circles for?

you use circles to make stuff round

What do you use to measure circles with?

they use protractors to measure circles

An instrucircles used to construct circles and arcs of circles?

A pair of compasses are use to construct circles and arcs of circles

Do you use the radius on only circles?

The question is misguided. You do not use radius only on circles!

How can you use numbers to describe a pattern?

you can use numbers by saying 5 circles than 9 squares and 7 pentagon's that will go on and on

What are the unis scientists use for circles called?

The name for the units scientists use for circles are degrees.

How long has circles been in use?

There is no definitive answer on how long circles have been in use. The moon and sun are both circles and they have existed since the beginning of time.

How to draw great circles and small circles drawn?

use a compass

What is 5 C in the OR?

5 circles in the oylmpic rings