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Because they use them as base camps for shelter, sleep and a place to re-energize and eat.

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Q: Why do the climber on Everest stop from time to and have at different camps?
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What might prevent a climber from getting to the top of mount Everest?

There are many reason why climbers dont survive on Mount Everest. Avalanches, rockfall, bad weather, illness, a fall, snowblindness are just a few reasons. For more take a look at the articles in the links I have given.

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How do belayers use friction?

Belayers use friction by controlling the rope to create tension and help prevent the climber from falling. By holding the rope in a certain way and using their body position, belayers can manage the amount of friction on the rope to regulate the climber's speed and stop them safely. Proper friction management is essential for effective belaying and ensuring the climber's safety.

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