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because it shows great honor for the countries that are in the Olympics and it shows viewers what countries are in the Olympics

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The five colors represent 5 different continents. North America and South America count as one, and the others are Africa, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

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they have no country of their own ie, they are refugees or such like

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Q: Why do the Olympics have flag bearers?
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Why are there flag bearers in the Olympics?

To show pride in each country.

Who were the Torch bearers at the atlanta summer Olympics?

1996 torch bearers atlanta olympics

During the closing parade of the Olympics in what order to the athletes enter the stadium?

There is no order at the closing ceremony. The flag bearers and country name board bearers enter first in single file. Then the athletes enter, en masse, without distinction of country.

Who were the flag bearers in the Beijing Olympics?

Flag bearer at the opening ceremony was swimmer Mark Foster and at the closing ceremony was cyclist Chris Hoy.

What is the Olympics flag used in medieval period?

There were no Olympics, and so no Olympic flag, in the Middle Ages.

When was the Olympics flag first flown?

when was the olympic flag first made

Who is the bearer of the New Zealand flag in the Olympics?

Mahe Drysdale carried the New Zealand flag at the Bejiing Olympics.

What country was the Olympics flag introduced?

The five-ring Olympic flag was first formally used in the 1920 Belgium Olympics.

Why do you have the Olympic flag?

cause its a special and old flag to represent the olympics

Who was flag bearer for England at 2014 commonwealth games?

The Flag Bearers for the 2014 Commonwealth Games for England were: Opening: Nick Matthew Closing: Kate Richardson-Walsh

Does the person carrying the flag for their nation in the Olympics have to be a competitor of that Olympics?

There is no specific rule, but more often than not the flag carrier is a competing athlete.

Who is the flag bearer for japan in the Sochi Olympics 2014?

Ayumi Ogasawara (Sport: Curling) is the flag bearer for Jap in Sochi Olympics 2014.