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Different system for Authentic jerseys and Replica jerseys. Authentic jerseys use the number system and Replicas go by letters. For ex- a Authentic jersey size 50 is equivalent to a L, a 52 is equivalent to a XL and so on.

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Q: Why do some nfl jerseys have letter sizes and some number sizes?
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Why do some NFL jerseys have the letter C on them and others don't?

Captains have the letter C on their jersey.

What sizes do football jerseys come in?

It depends on the style of jersey..some have a specific size while others are just sold as S, M, L, XL and XXL. You can buy kids jerseys too (and women's). See link.

Where can you get cheap authentic jerseys?

Hi! mainly sell authentic jerseys there are some some sites which sell other versions. you can choose your name and number and font. In web:

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Why are there 4 stars on some football jerseys?

You will see the stars with the letter 'C' on the jersey and they indicate the player is one of the captains of the team.

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Online shops are a popular choice, Some examples are in the related links section.

Are replica hockey jerseys good or bad?

Neither. Replica jerseys haven't been worn by the person or made for them and on some replica jerseys, you can personalize by putting your name on the back. Replica hockey jerseys are made to look like the teams jerseys so you can show you support one team or another.

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