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The same reason a left handed person puts an arrow on the right side of the bow. It's convenient.

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Q: Why do right handed people put an arrow on the left side of a bow?
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How is a left hand bow determined?

Modern archery bows are usually designated as being either left or right handed. If you draw the string with your right hand, and the arrow lies on the left side of the bow, the bow is right handed, if you draw with the left hand, arrow on the right side of the bow, it is left handed. Some basic, traditional, bows, such as the English longbow, can be shot either left or right handed, modern recurved bows cannot be shot from the "wrong" hand due to the position of the arrow rest, and the cutout in the side of the bow. Normally, if you are right-handed, you need a right-handed bow, since you will usually draw with your right hand, left-handed people use their left hand.

What arrow rest would you need for a right handed bow a right or a left?

The arrow rest for a recurve bow should be on the left side to you while you are holding the grip of a right handed bow (pulling the string with your right hand while holding your bow with your left).

In softball which hand do players catch with?

For right handed people they do catch with their left and throw with their right. For left handed people, they catch with their right and throw with their left. Both players have to potential to bat from either side of the plate.

Would it be better to be left handed or right handed?

Most people are right handed & fewer people are left handed. Some people even think it's better to be right handed! But the truth is, it really doesn't matter. So if you're left or right handed...Both of them are good!

Does a right handed human live longer than a left handed human?

believe it or not right handed people live longer then left handed people (on this juice lid it said: left hand people die 9 or 6 years earlier then right handed people) dont worry the people who are left hand im with left handed to

What is another word for right handed people?

Another word for right handed people is "dextral" and For left handed people "sinistral"

How many people are right handed in hockey rather than left handed?

more people are right handed in the world...

Are more people right or left handed?


Who lives longer right handed or left handed?

On average, right-handed people live about nine years longer than left-handed people.

Is there a lefthanded Guitar Hero controller?

no such guitar controller has been commercially produced for left handed people but many creative left handed people have made or modified a right handed guitar controller to be left handed. playing a right handed guitar left handed is still easily achievable and is why no people bother to have a left handed specific controller.

Who is faster right handed people or left handed people?

It depends. Left handed but people who write with both are same. If you write with left then you could be slow because you have to move your left 'cos you write left-to-right. If you write with right then you could be fast because it is easier.

Are most artists left handed?

More people are right handed. Only 30% are left handed artists