Why do boys jerk?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i guess, jerking your pennis will feel you great,couze im 14 years old

and when i was 8, i started to jerk,untill now

im doing it at private,,,,god.feel awesome...............

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Q: Why do boys jerk?
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What song came out first you're a jerk by new boys or teach me how to jerk by audio push?

you're a jerk

Who is the main singer in the song youre a jerk?

The main singer of the song "you're a jerk" are the "New Boyz".

Where did the saying boys will be boys come from?

well, boys are naturally stupid and girls are not so that is where the saying boys will be boys came from!

Who made jerk first audio push or new boys?

new boyz

Was wall to wall made by chrisbrown made before you a jerk by new boys?

yes it is made before the new boys came out.

What is the name of the clothes line that new boys wear in the song You're a Jerk?

Did the new boys make the dance jerk?

Yes they did. They also made up the song.

Discuss with me this why are boys jerks?

im a guy and honestly most guys are jerks but others arent. not every guy is mean. thanks..... are you a jerk cause if you are..... NO THANKS! do you jerk on your toliet seat??

Does a guy like you if hes always a jerk to you but also your best friend?

I have the same problem ;). Boys will be boys...and they will learn when they get older how much of an idiot they were. But for now, he probably likes you! Boys act like a jerk and can be rude when they like a girl. Just like they did when they were 5 years old and they stole your crayon! Remember, boys mature slower than girls.. so just be patient! Hope this helps!! :)

Do you have to be funny when making the first move on a girl you like?

no, you dont have to. I love it when boys are sweet or funny but as long as your not a jerk your good.

What are good new songs?

Down- Jay SeigneLove Drunk- Boys like GirlsYour a Jerk- Newz boyzStarStruck-3OH3

How do you hug your boyfriend at school?

well if he isn't a jerk like most boys you can go right up and give him a hug