Why do black athletes marry white women?

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2009-08-04 20:17:04

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Its a statue symbol

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2009-08-04 20:17:04
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Q: Why do black athletes marry white women?
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hardly any....I am white and I would marry a black women. I am a black woman married to a Mexican American man.

How many white men marry black women?

Such statistics are not recorded.

If most most famous black athletes are with black women. why are their stereotypes that most black athletes are with white or non-black women?

it's based on stereotypes, people see small cases of black men with non-black women and have spread the rumor that the majority are doing it when in actaulity the majority are married to black women

How many nfl black players are marry to white women?

30 players

Will white men date and marry black women?

This depends on who they are. Most people in today's society will.

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Yes, there are many Asian women who marry black men.

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Yes, but it's much easier if they're BOTH Jews.

Why filipino women do not marry black men but will do anything to marry white men?

That's not true. I have two filipina friends actually neighbors who are happily married to black men.

What year could a black man marry a white woman?

Black men and white women have always been able to marry in most of the world. Only a few countries have banned it temporarily. Which country do you want to know about?

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Why do black men date black and white women and sometimes white men BUT NOT each other?

Black men date white women because they think that going out with white women is not being recess

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