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They spray it on the bottem of their shoes to keep mud from sticking to them. I found the answer on a morning sports show forum and checked it with a 1001 uses for pam cooking spray website, which gave the same use for soccer moms with their children's cleats.

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Q: Why do baseball players use Pam cooking spray?
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What is the history of cooking spray?

PAM cooking spray was the original cooking spray on the market. It is made of oils to be used as a substitute when cooking in place of butters or shortenings. Other brands of cooking sprays followed the lead of PAM.

What do the initials for Pam cooking spray?

The acronym on the PAM cooking spray cans stands for "Product of Arthur Meyerhoff." Arthur E. Meyerhoff was an entrepreneur and an executive for an advertising agency from Chicago, Illinois. Two chemists who had developed a type of cooking spray responded to an advertisement of Meyerhoff's asking for product ideas. Meyerhoff perfected the cooking spray and marketed it using the acronym PAM. The product was developed in the mid-1950's.

Can you buy Pam cooking spray in Scotland?

No, but you can find several alternatives.

Who invented PAM cooking spray?

Pam cooking spray is used in place of oil or butter when prepping skillets, pans or dishes so food doesn't stick. It is a healthier alternative than traditional methods.

What cooking spray is best for desserts?

I think it would be spra butter or vegetable oil spray. it keeps it from sticking to the pan.

Is it safe to use Pam cooking spray?

Pam cooking spray, as with any cooking spray, is not to be put in the freezer. The pressurized can can rupture due to the temperature change, causing an explosion. If the can is still pressurized, the can should be able to work, but it's recommended to thaw it until room temperature.

How can you find out if a can of Pam Cooking Spray is to old to use?

Spray it into your sink to test it. If it comes out in clumps, than it is too old.

What can you do to keep the doors of an Alero from freezing shut on cold winter mornings?

Spray no stick cooking spray(PAM) on the weather stripping for the door.

How do you get gum of laminate flooring?

Try Pam cooking spray & if that isn't quite enough try WD-40

Is Pam no-stick cooking spray is a type of fat substitutes?

Yes it is so don't use a lot when you cook

When was PAM - cooking oil - created?

PAM - cooking oil - was created in 1961.

Did Marlo Thomas do a commercial for Pam Cooking Spray?

[Fade in on Marlo Thomas in the kitchen grabbing a frying pan in her hand. The Pam Cooking Spray logo appears.]Marlo Thomas: I'm about to cook a low fat feast, before your very eyes.[Cut to a close up of Pam Cooking Spray, Marlo sprays the frying pan, and puts it onto the stove.]Marlo Thomas: Using Pam All Natural Cooking Spray, instead of oil or butter.[Marlo puts pieces of fish onto a frying pan, cut to another shot of Pam Cooking Spray.]Marlo Thomas: With Pam, nothing comes between you, and the taste of your food. No funny after taste to cover up the flavors.[Cut to a closeup of fish pieces on a frying pan, Marlo continues cooking fish on the frying pan.]SUPER: VERSUS LEADING NATIONAL BRANDS.Marlo Thomas: And it's the only leading spray that's 100% natural. If you cut down on fat and cholesterol.[Cut to a frying pan putting pieces of fish on a plate, Marlo is at the kitchen table with a fork in her hand and a plate with pieces of fish.]SUPER: Nothing comes between you, and the taste of your food.Marlo Thomas: Not on taste. With Pam, nothing comes between you, and the taste of your food.[Marlo is eating fish at the table, and we fade to black.]