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For different teams.

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Q: Why do Shuffleboard weights have colors?
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Was shuffleboard played on Titanic?

Yes shuffleboard was played on the titanic.

How heavy is one weight in shuffleboard?

I have three sets of weights. One set of weights weigh 345 grams each, another 338 grams each and the third set weighs 340 grams each. The heavier the weight, the slower it is.

Is there a website that will tell me the rules for the game of shuffleboard?

There are a number of sites which have the rules of shuffleboard and other games. One such site is There are indeed a few places you can go for the game rules for Shuffleboard. You can try and also

When was International Shuffleboard Association created?

International Shuffleboard Association was created on 1979-03-10.

Where can a person go to see the rules for shuffleboard?

McClure Tables is a company that produces shuffleboards and shuffleboard accessories. On their website, they have a comprehensive list and explanation of all rules of the game of shuffleboard.

Where can some cheap shuffleboard tables be purchased online?

Shuffleboard tables can be purchased from specialist games and toy provider webpages, such as 'champion shuffleboard'. Also try sites such as Amazon or Ebay.

Is shuffleboard an Olympic sport?


What are the release dates for Shuffleboard on S-S- 'Deutschland' - 1902?

Shuffleboard on S-S- 'Deutschland' - 1902 was released on: USA: May 1902

What is the stick called used for shuffleboard?


What country did shuffleboard begin in?

Shuffleboard was invented during the 15th century in England. King Henry VIII is said to have enjoyed playing the game.

Is there an American shuffleboard company?

The Nidy Sports Construction Company is recognized as one of the industry leaders in shuffleboard construction and is based in Florida. Their site is here: Their catalog is here:

How are a soccer ball and a basketball different?

different colors, different weights, different sizes