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cause he got another girl friend called tylah caddden and yeah

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Q: Why did Laurin and Ryan sheckler split up?
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How can you hook up with Ryan sheckler?

you find out where he will be on"track Ryan sheckler down" and it tells you where he will be.

Is Ryan sheckler dating Russian model?

yes but they broke up

What is the surname of Kayla - Ryan Sheckler's girl - from Life of Ryan?


How many awards has Ryan sheckler got for skateboarding?

from 37-up...if you go to the following site, you will find his carrer achievements..

Would Ryan Sheckler date a Black girl?

Ryan said himself in a recent interview "Ryan Sheckler does not have a girlfriend. There's lots of girls I see going crazy at skate competitions. It's pretty cool and it's pretty funny that I get all this attention from skating. "The last girl he dated was Hilary Rhoda I think and they split up either last year April or this year April, cant remember.

Is Ryan sheckler engaged?

Yes, he is at the moment,but he is NOT trying to get his fans worried, but they should know that she isn't famous and she can keep up with his crazy lifestyle. - The Associated Press

Will Ryan sheckler date a 13 year old?

Not unless he wants to end up in jail. Even a hint of sexual innuendo could land him with criminal charges.

What is Ryan Sheckler's favorite song?

his favorite songs are by the cure and Guns n' Roses

What niegborhood does ryan sheckler live in?

he was born in La Palma, California. but currently lives in San Clemente, California.

How many years has Ryan sheckler been skating?

Ryan sheckler started skating when he was 1 and picked up his dad's board. his birthday is a fuew days after Christmas which makes him almost 19 making it so that he has been skating for 18 years and has been preaty much the best since he was about 11 years old and his first big win was at the gravity games when he was 13 and he also was named the best skater of the year when he was 13 also.

Is Ryan Sheckler still dating Kayla and how long were they together?

no they were together for not even a month. they broke up after ryans birthday He is now dating Alison Fiaayla, she is a hot red hed...... I heard from a source they been dating for 2 months and she is a great kisser!!!!!!

What is the probabiltiy of a kid becoming a professional skate boarder?

theres plenty of chances at 17 if you are ACTUALLY GOOD at SKATING.. Ryan sheckler, for example, turn pro at 13