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maybe because of the wind current

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Q: Why cant I run as fast as I could yesterday?
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Could you run a thousand meters in a minute?

no you just cant run so fast as your legs wont move that fast

Can a human run so fast that he runs out of his skin?

No a human cant run so fast it could run out of its skin. First of all you cont run out of your skin that's fake.

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Why cant a cheetah run so fast for so long?

A cheetah will not and can't run so fast for so long because when they run 70 mph it causes their blood to pump faster to their heart and brain.So the brain could overheat and perish, that is why they may only run that fast for 2 minutes tops.

Can you use could with a past tense verb?

Yes, "could" is the past tense form of "can." It is used to express past ability or possibility. For example: "When I was younger, I could run really fast."

How does the weight of the lion affect its speed?

it cant run fast if it is fat

What is the gingerbread man's famous line?

Run Run as fast as you can, you cant catch me im the gingerbread man!

How fast can Bigfoot run?

As there is no credible evidence that such exists, figures on how fast it could run are unavailable.

How fast can a pitbull run?

lets just say you wont see me running from one so i advise you to stay away from them if you cant run really fast

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Can all the vampires in twilight run fast and fly?

No, not all vampires in Twilight can run fast and fly. Only certain vampires, like those from the Cullen family, have those special abilities.