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Final of any Olympic Race (excluding anything above 800m races) has 8 competitors in the final because just being it is so short that if you you do not lead or co-leader the race, then you will lose. Have more runners in a short even is toxic because they no one can use there kicks if they are blocked.

In distance event, it is acceptable not to lead in the beginning because you have different times when you want to be in control. Most professional have different types of kicks that start at different times in a long race.

Kick- usuallly a burst in speed for a rcer. Just enough energy to make him/her go faster as they reach the finish line.

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The inside lane is of a slightly softer composition, which is better suited to longer track events where athletes tend to utilise the inside lane for the majority of the race distance.

Lanes 2-9 are of a harder composition which is better suited to sprinting.

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becouse it is international

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Q: Why are there 9 lanes on an Olympic Track?
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How many lanes are there in standard track?

On a typical track, which is a training, high school, and a college track there are 8 lanes. However, on an olympic or professional track there are 9 lanes.

How many track lanes does the London Olympic Stadium have?

It has 9 lanes. What's my prize?

How many lanes are on a track?

Usually, there should be 8 lanes on a running track.

Why are there 8 lanes on an Olympic race track?

because they didnt like the number 3

How many lanes does an olympic pool has?

An Olympic swimming pool usually has 8 lanes, but sometimes has up to 16.

How many lanes are they in the running track in the Olympics?

8 lanes.

What is the maximum nunmber of lanes required in 100m race track?

The lanes can be numbered 1 through normally 8 or 9 rarely 10, starting with the inside lane.

Number of lanes in an olympic swimming pool?

The definition of an Olympic size swimming pool is 10 lanes each 2.5 meters wide, however to prevent the outside lanes being disadvantaged by having to compete with the waves bouncing off the sides of the pool only the middle 8 lanes are ever used.

How many lanes does an olympic swimming have?


Who is the retired US athlete who won 9 Olympic medals in track and field?

Carl Lewis (He won 10 Olympic medal, 9 of them gold)

How many lanes are there in olympic swimming pool have?

8 or 6

Are the width of all lanes on a running track the same?