Why are squash doors so small?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Why are squash doors so small?
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What is the name of the raquet game played in a closed wall court with a small rubber ball?

The sport is probably squash, although the ball doesn't have to be black.

How do you can yellow crookneck squash?

You can cook yellow crookneck squash by cutting the squash into small disks. Then, stir fry or boil the squash until it is tender. Toss with butter and diced onion or top with ranch dressing.

Is a pickle a squash yes or no?

Usually, "pickle" refers to a pickled cucumber, in which case it is not a squash. A cucumber is a member of the gourd family. The gourd family includes squash. So, a cucumber is not a squash, but it is related to a squash. Sometimes, members of the squash family are pickled.

Is squash good for you (drink)?

squash as in the vegetable or drink?? Veg=yes, it is healthy Drink= OK in small quantities; about 600ml per day is OK! :)

Do people sell small doors?

for dogs

Examples of small seeds?

squash egg plant tomato okra bean

Can you eat butternut squash everyday and still lose weight?

Small amounts

What vitamins can you get from Squash?

we get vitamin A from squash so it is good for our eyes, you know.

What are the small doors under the headlights of on Audi tt?

Those small doors under the headlights on an Audi TT are for the high pressure headlight washers when activated.

What is the small hole on doors called?

they are called spyhole =))

What squash tastes most like pumpkin?

Pumkin is just one type of squash. Each squash variety tastes different. Some a lot different and some not so much. Pumpkin is a fall or winter squash like Hubbard squash, acorn squash and others. Zucchini and yellow squash are summer squash. The summer varieties are similar to each other and the winter varieties are similar to each other.

What do great plains eat?

small game,corn,beans,squash,deer,squash,elk,and the greatest protein of all,buffalo,which gives them food,clothing,utensils,and weapons.