Why are people protesting?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I apologize for the previous answer (despite it not being mine). The person who wrote it was obviously very childish and rude, as he/she called you 'ugly'. Would you believe that? The nerve!

The answer to me is also not very clear. The government is the main issue as to why they protesting (obviously), but the reason behind it requires quite a use of your search engine. I shall let you know if I have found any insight on the topic. :)

- Amsterdam612

16 year old Asian

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Q: Why are people protesting?
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What exactly are the 'occupy' people protesting?

they think that they are protesting something, but they are pointless hobos

What are people protesting in wall street?

I've seen tv news and saw people protesting and telling CHASE banks to give their money back.

Which is the reason the occupy protesters are protesting?

They are protesting because the rich people rarely pay taxes and the banks are raising fees.

Who were people protesting in Tian Men Square?


When did people start protesting in Egypt?

Janurary 25, 2011

Why people died for suffrage?

cause they were thrown in jail for protesting

What are people doing to save blue and yellow macaw?

People are creating websites and protesting.

Why are people not protesting your high taxes?

Because they're scared of the government.

What “evil’s” are the people confined in asylums and prisons protesting ?


What happened because the declaration of independence was written?

people started protesting

How an idea can change the way of people think of their government?

people can change the government by protesting maybe

Why are people protesting about the Beijing Olympics?

Because of their human rights record and Tibet