Why are gym socks white?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Even during our normal day to day activity, not taking into account the Gym workouts, our feet which has 2,50,000 sweat glands secrete more than a pint of sweat daily. This will increase when a person works out in Gym.

As we all know that sweat which does not get evaporated immediately, becomes a source of fungal infection. In the case of white socks when sweat gets accumulated, it makes the socks look dirty, forcing the user to change the socks. If not done the person who uses the sweat accumulated dirty socks, suffers lose of personal image in front of others. Whereas this is not so in the case of the socks other than white color.


PS: For Diabetics, it is always better for them to wear white color socks, so that in case of foot injury when they are unable sense it due to lose of sensation in the foot, the blood oozing out of the minor or major cut will show off when the person removes his shoes, which will help him to start the treatment immediately. As we all know that in the case of diabetics due lack of proper foot care every 30 seconds a infected foot is amputated. And one of the major causes of amputation among diabetics is minor foot injury which is left unattended.

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Q: Why are gym socks white?
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